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Patient Safety Incident Response Framework in DCIQ and DatixWeb 

Background insight

What is PSIRF?

Patient Safety Incident Response Framework, PSIRF, is the new framework that has replaced the SIF (Serious Incident Framework), with the aim to encourage meaningful learnings and improvements from past incidents to improve patient safety.

PSIRF outlines the new way in which healthcare providers should respond to patient safety incidents, bringing a change in mindset that focuses on maximising learning from incidents. PSIRF removes the requirement for all/only ‘serious incidents’ to be investigated, allowing for providers to now investigate incidents that they believe learnings can be made from.

On this page you can find RLDatix and NHS England resources to help you implement this new framework both at your organisation and in DCIQ or DatixWeb.

View our Resources here

PSIRF inside DCIQ and DatixWeb

DCIQ and DatixWeb fully support PSIRF, enabling organisations to implement PSIRF directly in the incident review form so you can evaluate the incidents against your PSIRP and take the appropriate course of action.


Both solution’s customizability and flexibility allows you to implement PSIRF in the solutions in the way that best suits your organisation and your own PSIRF processes. 

Implementing PSIRF in DCIQ and DatixWeb, with Barts Health NHS Trust and Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Webinar

Hear from Natalie Mynott-Gardiner, Risk Systems Coordinator at Barts Health NHS Trust and Helen Gandy, Patient Safety Consultant at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust on how they have been implementing PSIRF across their organisation’s and in DCIQ and DatixWeb. 

This session takes a look at: 

  • Early successes and learnings from implementing PSIRF 
  • How they have rolled out PSIRF across their organisation 
  • A look at how PSIRF can be set up in DCIQ and DatixWeb 
  • And more! 
Watch now


We have received the final version of taxonomy V6 from NHS England.

We are currently reviewing and estimating the work needed to input the new taxonomy into both DCIQ and DatixWeb. Once we have estimated the dates for delivery we will share these with you. However, we will be inputting the PSIRF questions into both DCIQ and DatixWeb as quickly as possible.  

Please review the PSIRF FAQs for more information. 

In the meantime, if you would like to review the V6 PSIRF questions that are part of v6, please click the link below.

View the LFPSE Taxonomy V6

NHS England Resources

NHS England have created a large amount of resources to help support you through the implementation and roll out of PSIRF at your organisation. We have linked the key resources, and will continue to update the links as more created.

RLDatix PSIRF Customer Resources

Catch up on our previous PSIRF sessions, helping to take you through how you can implement PSIRF at your organisation, both at a software and organizational level. Hear from Darren Thorne deliver a PSIRF Masterclass at our People Summit last year in Bournemouth.

Recap a session ran last year by Olga Chalupczak, Product Manager for DCIQ and DatixWeb, on how DCIQ and DatixWeb could support PSIRF Implementation. 

PSIRF Customer FAQs


DatixWeb and DCIQ Release Notes

Below you can see links to our complete DatixWeb and DCIQ release notes, held directly on our Support Portal.

DCIQ and DatixWeb Ideas Portal

Customer feedback is the key driving factor to help us decide what new features and upgrades we develop for both DCIQ and DatixWeb.
Our DCIQ and DatixWeb Ideas Portal is one of the key ways we gather this feedback directly from our users on what features and improvements they would like to see.
On the Ideas Portal you can directly feedback your own DCIQ and DatixWeb ideas, and vote on other customers ideas to help us . Our product team will then analyse the results and top voted for ideas, to help plan product roadmaps.
If you have an idea for a new feature for LFPSE, or any other part of DCIQ or DatixWeb, put your idea forward on the Ideas Portal.